Service Cloud

Make every customer touchpoint matter
Certified Salesforce Partner & CRM Navigator

Build Great Customer Relationships

Say goodbye to customer service as you know it. In today’s world, speed and customer satisfaction take center stage. Cut through the clutter, outdated processes, and timely case resolution and elevate your service function. The amazing capabilities of Service Cloud allow you to build long-term customer relationships by delivering seamless and personalized customer experiences across any channel, anywhere.

Take Your Service Team to the Next Level

Interested in taking your service team to the next level? The Fury Group is a trusted Salesforce partner with deep expertise in maximizing Service Cloud integrations. Our team of experts can help you leverage unique features such as Slack app integration, and solve cases faster with AI-powered article recommendations and Generative AI-Powered search answers. Some of the key areas our clients seek our help with include:

  • Increase efficiency with Field Management solutions allowing you to efficiently resolve issues remotely
  • Reduce agent case time by leveraging AI-generated replies in real-time based on the conversation
  • Workflow Builder setup to allow you to eliminate manual tasks and streamline internal processes so agents can focus on customers
  • Detect and respond to potential problems before they become wide-spread with built-in monitoring and centralized real-time status updates
  • Build reports and dashboards to help you gain a 360-degree view of the customer and track customer service metrics
  • Custom integrations and configurations to support your unique business needs
Contact The Fury Group and see how custom configurations, implementations and features can help you maximize Service Cloud for your business.