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The Power of Salesforce

Salesforce Energy and Utility Cloud harnesses the power of AI, Data and CRM to drive your business forward while keeping the customer at the core. Whether residential, commercial or large industrial, today’s customers demand personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

The Fury Group is a trusted Salesforce Energy and Utility Cloud expert that has helped numerous energy companies harness the power of Salesforce allowing them to achieve scalability, sustainable growth, and gain a competitive advantage.

Step Into Energy Transformation

The energy sector is changing at a rapid pace. With consumer demand at an all-time high and competition looming, businesses need an evergreen solution and support that allows them to quickly adjust to changing needs. The Fury Group has expertise in the energy sector as an extension of your internal team. From initial assessment to on-going support, The Fury Group can help you maximize your Energy and Utility Cloud to increase efficiencies, provide visibility into your environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, and create trusted and personalized relationships with your consumers.

The Fury Group takes you from out-of-the-box implementation to a made for you solution. We know how the energy sector works and we are trusted experts in streamlining processes, customizing features and setting up your Energy and Utility Cloud for success. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on driving growth and building consumer loyalty.