Salesforce Product Experts

The Fury Group uses Salesforce Product Experts to help their customers stay one step ahead of the competition. Our expert team provides custom training and guidance while supporting each user with personalized expertise in the features and functionality within the Salesforce platform. On top of that, The Fury Group provides expert advice on product selection and¬†implementation, helping customers make well-informed decisions about their Salesforce investment. The company’s dedication to quality customer service inspires confidence and breeds success for all its clients.


Sales Cloud

The Fury Group is proud to offer Salesforce’s cutting-edge Sales Cloud services. The innovative technology within this suite of products allows sales representatives to create deep, engaging customer relationships and maximize opportunities while minimizing resources. The combination of streamlined data organization, automation capabilities, integrated communication, and real-time analytics creates valuable data that can inform the decision-making process at The Fury Group. Leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities, The Fury Group can tailor their offerings for prospects, creating a more personalized experience and increasing conversion rates.


Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, there is no such thing as being unavailable to your customers. You can deliver great service anywhere, and all the time, on any device your customers may use, from laptops to smartphones. Your customer service team has real-time access to everything they need to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Or set up a self-service portal to free up your representatives to only handle the most urgent calls. Whatever you and your customers need when it comes to service, we can make it happen.


Manufacturing Cloud

The Fury Group is the go-to resource for leading enterprises in need of Salesforce application development and manufacturing cloud management. The experts at The Fury Group have been developing, implementing, and managing systems for decades with unparalleled energy and dedication to excellence. The Fury Group is always up-to-date on the latest Salesforce tools, offering comprehensive services, including implementation guidance, system customizations, integration solutions, and ongoing maintenance for optimal performance.


Marketing Cloud

The Fury Group is the go-to for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud management needs. The dedicated professionals at The Fury Group possess unmatched expertise and years of experience in this field, making them the ideal choice for anyone looking to maximize their use of the powerful Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. The customized solutions The Fury Group offers ensure that each business is able to leverage the Marketing Cloud in a way that best suits their particular needs and objectives.



The Fury Group takes pride in offering its clients cutting-edge solutions with Salesforce Lightning Services. By leveraging the power of the world’s most popular CRM platform and customizing it to specific business needs, The Fury Group provides streamlined Salesforce product solutions to streamline operations and maximize growth potential. The tools provided by The Fury Group are scalable, ensuring that businesses have the freedom to scale according to their own objectives for effective use of the platform and implementation throughout all business verticals. The aim is to ensure maximum ROI for every customer, and The Fury Group is continuously developing powerful services that will help make data-driven decisions easier and more efficient.



The Fury Group is proud to provide customized Salesforce CPQ services for our clients. We understand the power of automation and have optimized our implementation strategies to improve user experience and maximize your ROI quickly and effectively. Our highly experienced specialists are certified in Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technologies, taking you beyond the basics of price book automation. Our team is dedicated to creating tailored solutions that meet your company’s specific needs so that you can easily and confidently build quotes, orders, contracts, and renewals at every step. With The Fury Group on your side, staying ahead of the competition has never been easier.


Field Service

The Fury Group is leveraging Salesforce Field Services to revolutionize customer service delivery in their sector. The intuitive user dashboard is designed to appeal to employees as well as customers and provides real-time tracking for all dispatched jobs to ensure that work is completed on time and of high quality. The innovative solutions enabled by this platform are critical for The Fury Group to efficiently respond to the changing needs of their clients, from remote monitoring capabilities to far-reaching resource management tools.


Contact Us for Salesforce Product Implementation Services

The Fury Group offers efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Salesforce product implementation and integration services. Our experienced professionals provide a custom solution to optimize your CRM system, ensuring you get the most out of Salesforce. The team also guides you throughout the process to get up and running quickly. With our assistance, you can streamline operations for increased productivity, achieve greater insights through data analytics, create personalized customer experiences, and more. The Fury Group is dedicated to helping you increase efficiency and ROI with Salesforce. Contact us today to find out how we can help you succeed!