The Fury Group: Your CRM Navigator

You know where you want to be. At the top of your game. Above your competition. And able to do business outside the four walls of your office. At the Fury Group, we know how to help you get there … quickly, painlessly, and right on target, using the power of Salesforce.

With thousands of Salesforce installations under our belt, unsurpassed expertise in sales and marketing, and a keen understanding of our customers, it’s no wonder that the Fury Group has become the premier Salesforce Cloud Alliance Consulting Partner in the Southwest.  Since 2005, our proven methodology has been helping companies make the most of their Salesforce investment.

Whether you are looking to improve your marketing campaigns, take your business mobile, close more deals, or get the analytics you need to make data-driven decisions, the Fury Group can show you how to leverage Salesforce cloud technology to your advantage. Contact us today to learn how we can get you where you want to be.

Salesforce Services

Get Faster, Easier ROI

We put Salesforce to work for you, faster and easier than ever.


Combine Your Strengths

Combine the power of Salesforce with your other apps.

Service Cloud

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Make your customers love doing business with you.

Custom Development

Create Your Own Powerhouse

Make Salesforce your own unique powerhouse.

Marketing Cloud

Fill the Funnel

Fill your sales funnel with qualified leads.

Sales Cloud

Close Deals

Follow up on leads and manage relationships, and close deals.

Community Cloud

Get Everyone Connected

Don’t make your customers and partners go it alone.


Transform Your Business

Leverage analytics to transform the way you work.

Managed Support

Stay Ahead in the Game

Stay ahead in the game by never being left behind.