Einstein GPT (AI)

The world's first generative AI for CRM
Certified Salesforce Partner & CRM Navigator

Generative AI for CRM

Einstein GPT is a proprietary AI model that can be used alone or in conjunction with other AI tools such as Chat GPT to utilize CRM data to generate personalized content and automations. While AI is still relatively new to many businesses, The Fury Group can help you navigate the AI world to empower your teams to develop deep customer-centric touch points allowing them to work smarter and faster. Harness the power of AI with confidence in knowing sensitive business data is secure and not shared with the masses.

The Fury Group: Your Einstein GPT Partner

Take advantage of all the features in Einstein GPT from AI-generated sales call summary emails to personalized customer journeys. The Fury Group will help you harness the power of Einstein GPT and allow you to transform your business securely. We’ve helped our clients with successful implementation of Einstein GPT including:

  • Integration of customer data to generate customized and predictable experience for any department, customer, workflow and more
  • Deploy assistive AI to allow customers and employees to solve issues quicker
  • Leverage Einstein to deliver relevant content during customer service interactions to provide a personalized and positive experience
  • Set up real-time actionable insights to drive sales conversations, automate processes and close deals faster
  • Create a seamless commerce experience with AI-generated product descriptions, product recommendations, and AI-generated webpages with conversational tools
With Einstein GPT, there’s no limit to how far your business can go and The Fury Group will help you get there faster. We have deep expertise in guiding clients on the Einstein GPT tools best suited for their business and in implementing AI strategies across Salesforce products. Whether you’re new to AI or want to maximize your integration, The Fury Group is ready to work with you.