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The #1 AI CRM for Sales

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the leading AI customer relationship management (CRM) platform that empowers sales teams to sell faster and smarter. By leveraging data and AI, teams are able to shorten the sales lifecycle and maximize productivity with advanced workflows, automations, streamlined processes and deep insights.

Amplify Your Sales Team

The Fury Group is a trusted Salesforce Sales Cloud expert with years of experience helping sales teams maximize their Sales Cloud instance. Every sales function is unique and has different requirements to achieve business goals. We conduct a deep dive into your business to get a solid understanding of business goals, products and services, customer and sales lifecycles and more. This allows us to build out key areas of opportunity to maximize your Sales Cloud implementation. Our client partner with us to handle many different areas of Sales Cloud including:

  • Build deal flow and stages to track deals across every channel efficiently with actionable to-do lists
  • Set up real-time forecasts tailored to align with your business goals
  • Integration of key data sources so you can leverage visual reports and dashboards to track key metrics, lead volume and more
  • Set up automations to update your customer accounts and contacts
  • Develop templates and workflows to generate quotes and automate contract approval processes with built-in automation
  • Build dashboards to provide visibility into sales pipelines allowing your sales team to drive revenue growth with the ability to easily scale
Sales Cloud offers a robust suite of tools to get your sales team moving. Additional products can be layered on to build a CRM that works for you and can scale with your growth. The Fury Group is your CRM Navigator with extensive experience in evaluating your current Sales Cloud implementations and integrating additional tools and features to support your unique processes and lifecycles. If you’re looking for a Salesforce Sales Cloud expert partner, The Fury Group brings unparalleled expertise to every project.


What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?
Salesforce Sales Cloud is a comprehensive, cloud-based CRM platform designed to help businesses maximize sales performance and improve customer relationships. It provides users with tools to manage all the sales process stages – from prospecting and lead generation to automation, analytics, and customer support. The Salesforce Sales Cloud helps companies build and maintain an effective sales operation by providing real-time visibility into data across their entire organization. From automated emails and reports to personalized insights for reps on important accounts, the software helps managers stay organized and informed about their sales pipeline. All this comes in a secure environment that is easy to use, making it perfect for teams of any size or shape. With its expansive capabilities and intuitive user interface, Salesforce Sales Cloud will give organizations a competitive edge in an increasingly complex marketplace.
What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ?
Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ are both cloud-based software programs from the same company, Salesforce. The primary difference between these two applications lies in their focus. While Sales Cloud is a digital repository of customer data, analytics, and reports, Salesforce CPQ is a sales configuration platform that helps automate quoting, billing, and product selection. It categorizes products to streamline the sales process for organizations selling a suite of products or services. Both applications can be integrated with third-party systems through APIs and workflows. In summary, Sales Cloud is designed to help organizations collect and leverage customer data, whereas Salesforce CPQ focuses more on configuring product offerings for customers more efficiently.
Is Salesforce Sales Cloud difficult to integrate?
Integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud into an existing business system can often appear complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Many tools are available that make it relatively straightforward, with some even highly customizable and taking only minutes to set up. The key lies in understanding the unique challenges of each organization and utilizing the best combination of integrated apps. With effective planning and a clear goal in mind, Salesforce Sales Cloud can quickly become a powerful addition to any business landscape.