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Sales Cloud

Close Deals

Follow up on leads. Manage relationships. Close deals. From anywhere you are. It’s that simple.
With the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) solution, selling has never been easier. And with new Sales Cloud Lightning, it’s never been faster either. By implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud®, we put the power of knowledge in your hands. Knowledge that gives you the customer insights you need to close deals and grow your accounts, day after day. And because we make it just that easy, you get a productivity boost too. So you’re not just closing deals. You have time to close even more of them.

Sales Cloud enables you to:

· Track your lead flow
· Stay abreast of your customer accounts
· Capture intelligence about every contact
· Follow opportunities throughout the sales process
· Deliver and track quotes
· Monitor past and pending sales activities
· Produce accurate sales forecasts
· Collaborate with others in the sales team

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