Pardot by Salesforce

Pardot by Salesforce gives you everything you need to transform your B2B marketing into a sales-producing machine.

Business-to-business marketers know that advertising is not enough, as relationship building is the key to success. With Pardot, you get both: a powerful platform from which to build creative lead generation programs, and an automation system that can trigger campaign activity off of CRM data, moving through the sales cycle from lead to close.

At the Fury Group, we understand B2B sales and marketing like no other company. We know how to weave together the processes that keep your sales funnel full and your closing ratio high. Just as importantly, we know how to leverage Salesforce technology to get the job done faster and easier.

Let us help you use Pardot to build effective B2B marketing programs that will generate more leads, move them quickly through the pipeline, and engage buyers with personalized campaigns.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Fury Group can help you achieve B2B marketing and sales success by implementing Pardot.