Combine Your Strengths

While Salesforce is powerful on its own, it is even better when you combine it with the strength of your other apps and databases. From integration with marketing automation software to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, we can help you take your Salesforce implementation to a whole new level.

Our integration team is experienced in helping customers integrate not only the technology, but the business processes they need to gain the most ROI from their Salesforce investment.

By utilizing Salesforce’s Open API and tools such as Mulesoft and Salesforce Connect, we are able to provide your users with seamless access to data located in other areas of your organization, from within the Salesforce application. A product’s inventory status and pricing history can be factored into a sales quote being developed in Sales Cloud. Customer care reps using Service Cloud can access payment and shipping information. And marketers utilizing Marketing Cloud can target customers based on purchasing patterns.

For more information on how the Fury Group can help you with your Salesforce integration needs, contact us today.