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There is a saying, “Opportunity doesn’t knock twice.” For many users in sales, experiencing a loss deal due to a quote not being accurate or the quote being late is crushing or a permanently lost client. With Salesforce CPQ this doesn’t have to be your sales team. That is why, with Salesforce CPQ, sales teams can close opportunities faster, win more critical deals, and create renewal opportunities when a contract closes. With features such as usage-based billing, opened-ended contracts, and product-specific bundles, the closing process can be customized to your specific business.

CPQ or rather (C)onfigure, (P)rice, (Q)uote tool helps users to create quotes with customized branding for your company. CPQ meets this need with the configuration of your process, of moving leads through the sales cycle and ultimately opportunities to faster closes. Traditional quoting systems can be archaic and inefficient on a client’s timelines. These gaps become present when bundles are missing or the inability even to create them in other systems — product missing on the quote that should be present, and a multitude of other inaccuracies.

The Fury Group has been a leader in the Salesforce community for the last 15 years. We have helped clients frame their sales process to meet client needs by creating orders after winning new logo accounts and automatically creating renewal opportunities in the future. CPQ saves time and allows Salesforce to automate the sales timeline by creating tasks for your sales teams to execute on.

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