Managed Salesforce Services

Tier II – Improve (and then some)

Minimum monthly engagement – 20 hrs

Tier II is ‘next level’ in more than name. In addition to providing all the Tier I Admin support, Tier II service makes available our:

  • customer success manager
  • architect services
  • developer role

Additional options include automation and improvements, advanced user interface, advanced user and super-user training, next-level feature development, and additional security measures.

At this level, instead of reacting to needs, we’ll be working on improving your Salesforce implementation with our 1- and 2-year planning processes.

In addition to all Tier I items, your Tier II super-team will offer… more. More services, more tools, more planning.

Our Managed Salesforce Services can include the tricky tech of updates, security and more.


Fixed services included annually in Tier II managed Salesforce services

Tier II

Org Mainternance

Report on critical updates from Salesforce™
Personalized report on all release notes
Backup configuration
point restore
Annual contract review
Report on data cleanliness
Weekly code coverage reporting

Road Mapping

Regular team leader meetings
1-year plan
Plan reviews
Progress reviews

User Enablement

Monthly newsletter to end user with tips and tricks
Office hours for end users
open, weekly
User training *Course availability depends on Tier
2 per quarter
User adoption reporting and review

Flexible menu of Tier II services (monthly minimum hours commitment)

Tier II
min. 20 hrs/month
Automation –
We can help you streamline, simplify and automate.
Growth Acceleration –
Improve efficiency, inspire growth.
Org Maintenance –
Work together, optimize systems.
Roadmapping –
Look ahead and plan your path.
User Enablement –
Training, troubleshooting, reporting, and more.

For more information on any of our service options, please contact The Fury Group.

The Fury Group utilizes the highly successful proven process of EOS Worldwide to deliver the 3-year picture with vision, traction and focus. We will set weekly, quarterly and annual checkpoints to ensure the 3-year picture and the resulting 1-year plan are continuously monitored and progressed, while also adapting to changes in the economic and business landscape.