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Salesforce Training Classes

After successfully standing up Salesforce, the next step is ensuring that all users know how to use the system well. Every client has its own distinct training needs and requirements, and we have designed our training offerings to meet these varied needs. In addition to our standard training offerings, we provide custom training. Our training fits your enterprise and your schedule, as we offer both in-person training and remote, WebEx-based training. Please note that all training time indicated below includes preparation time.

  • Sales Cloud Training (4 hours, 15-20 users): This is for new customers, and is performed at the end of each project. This can also be provided as a refresher of Salesforce knowledge. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced training levels for this training type. Great for: New users, those looking to substantiate their knowledge, or to take a step further.
  • Service Cloud Training (2-3 hours, 15-20 users): This is basic end-user training. Great for: New users.
  • Documentation Training (1-2 users): Learning how to document the current system. Great for: System administrators who are looking to preserve the current knowledge base.
  • Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning (3-4 hours, 15-20 users): Migrating the existing data to the new system. This can also be an abbreviated training. Great for: System administrators or Super Users who need to perform this migration.
  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Training (2-2.5 hours, 15-20 users): Understanding how to use the CPQ system. This is performed in a demo environment, using the client’s data, and is typically done after the project is over. Great for: New users, those involved in finance or accounting, or salespeople.
  • Pardot Training (4 hours-1/2 day, 1-3 users): This training introduces users to Pardot, which is a marketing automation program. This will demystify the language barriers of the system, allowing users to advance their marketing efforts to acquire new prospects. This training will involve a hands-on approach to standing Pardot up, building files and forming the first engagements, forms and files together. Great for: New users, so that they can have hands-on experience to run the application themselves.
  • Importing Tutorial (1 hour, 1-5 users): Learning how to fill out the import sheet, and figuring out what exactly is being imported. Great for: New users, those looking to substantiate their knowledge, or to take a step further.
  • Reports and Dashboards Training (1-2 hours, 15-20 users): Learning how to: build a report together, break down fields, filters, filter logic and customize a view. This includes multiple report types, summaries, and conditional formatting. Great for: New users, those looking to substantiate their knowledge, or to take a step further.
  • New Administrator Training (1-1.5 hours, 1-2 users): Learning fun interactions and elements that will enable organizations to increase user adoption. Great for: New Administrators.
  • Custom Tutorials (duration is flexible; 1-2 users): Users of all levels can create their own custom tutorials. These may include specific training, such as: imports into contacts, accounts, opportunities, how to add new users, creating new fields and customizing views. Great for: Any user who wants a focused, custom training tutorial.

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