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Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is defined as an offering where a technology provider will provide continuous monitoring, issue management and problem resolution for a client. This concept has evolved from the more traditional “break-fix” model, which, in essence, some element of the system “breaks” or does not work, and needs to be “fixed.” The break-fix model worked when companies were not so heavily reliant on technology. Today, however, most companies would suffer economic losses or gaps in service if the enterprise system were to fail. In order to ensure that the systems are continuously working at an optimal level, and to prevent service interruptions, a proactive approach to system maintenance is required.

Managed services is this proactive approach, as the system is monitored for potential issues, and continuous maintenance is performed. This way, the system is always up-to-date, and any issues or problems can be potentially identified early, allowing the team to address or correct any issues. This continual maintenance ensures that the system runs optimally, enabling the client to extract the most value possible from the system.

Who Needs Managed Services?

Managed Services offerings can be tailored to fit the needs of various clients. As each client is different in both size and scope, each client’s level of services required will vary. The key to maximizing the return on an investment in managed services is to accurately gauge what type of services you need for your company. This requires some introspection and analysis into your specific functional and operational needs.

In general, most companies need a level of support to maintain their system, but they do not have enough work to rationalize hiring a full-time admin support employee to complete this work, as this type of position could be an expensive investment for a full-time hire. The admin generally works on a pre-made list of tasks that are compiled by our team. These tasks include managing release notes, keeping up with updates, training users and training managers, and possibly about 10-20 hours of work a month in updating tickets. These tasks and subsequent work do not make up a full-time position, as a full-time person would not have enough work to be kept busy and engaged/utilized fully. This is why it makes sense for most companies to outsource this work to us, as we provide a tailored level of support for each client.

Figuring Out the Support You Need

We provide two types of Managed Services support, our standard, tailorable managed services package, and also a more custom package that is actively defined by the customer’s needs.

Our Typical Managed Services Offering: The first package is our typical managed services support offering. The benefit to this package is that this package helps you meet your needs without having to hire a full-time employee, which provides significant cost savings, while also providing your company with the maintenance support it needs to run optimally. Also, this package helps support the investment that you have made in a Salesforce system, and ensures that this system runs well over time.

Also, another benefit to this package is that it is a tailorable, configurable package that can be changed over time. For example, you install a Salesforce system and you have 100 employees, and establish a level of Managed Services; then your company doubles in size over the next two years to 200 employees. To accommodate this change, you can merely increase your level of service. Conversely, if your company decreases in size, you can reduce your level of service. This way, your package is completely adjustable and is tailored to your needs.

A Custom Offering: This is a custom-made offering that is shaped entirely by the client’s needs. This may require far more hours than a part-time offering, and may include up to a full-time person in the admin role. These offerings are created on a case-by-case basis and we will work with the client to achieve a realistic managed services offering that fits the clients’ needs. Please contact us to discuss creating a custom offering.