Are You 
Squared Away with MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a feature to help all Salesforce customers protect their valuable business data.

Salesforce announced all organizations using Salesforce must activate MFA by February 1, 2022 to remain in compliance.

After this date, organizations must provide a verification method in addition to their username and password when logging in to their Salesforce account. To learn what MFA is and how it works, check out this
short video.

The Fury Group can help you navigate this change, bring you into compliance, address your organization’s cyber-security needs, and train your team with the Get Squared Away with MFA workshop.

Led by one of The Fury Group’s expert trainers, the Get Squared Away with MFA workshop is designed to help your organization’s users understand how MFA works and its purpose. Activating MFA for your organization and assisting each user with their personal settings is included in the workshop.

By the end of the workshop, you will:


Understand MFA, how it works, and
how vital it is for securing your data


Have MFA activated for
all your Salesforce users


Have customized your MFA settings to accommodate your specific needs

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