• Business Owners
  • Business Unit Leaders
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Salesforce Representatives

The Fury Group is most often retained by business owners intent on driving their company growth with more effective sales and marketing management.

These entrepreneurs look to us to leverage Salesforce to:

  • Allow them to see the status of their sales pipeline any time, anywhere
  • Monitor and objectively measure the performance of the sales team toward stated goals
  • Identify and reward individual contributions toward company success
  • See past and current sales and marketing activity reports without delay or filters
  • Track key prospect business development
  • Uncover issues that need to be addressed

When implemented with the business owner’s objectives in mind, Salesforce becomes a powerful management tool that frees up the entrepreneur’s time to focus on providing the leadership and vision that will take the business to the next level.

Senior managers with P&L or department accountability request Salesforce to help them manage the performance of others. Given that many of their compensation plans depend on the results others produce, these executives rely on Salesforce to provide the data upon which to make prudent departmental decisions. Additionally, we configure the system to give them insight into trends and individual performance so they can address issues before sales and growth opportunities are lost, time is wasted or unnecessary expense is incurred. With business unit leaders’ unique needs in mind, The Fury Group supports these key individuals in being accountable to the owners and partners in the business as well.

Naturally, Sales Managers reap a great deal of benefit from a well-executed Salesforce implementation and management program. As the most active users of the system, Sales Managers look to The Fury Group to generate accurate, timely reports, including custom reporting to support unique business needs.

Additionally, The Fury Group provides consulting on how to:

  • gain sales team buy-in
  • orient salespeople to focus on company goals
  • ensure compliance with data entry requirements
  • distinguish between excuses and reality
  • help their teams be more successful so both the company and sales teams win at their game

With a well designed Salesforce platform, the gap between sales and marketing is closed, and these two interdependent teams begin to work cohesively for the good of the company.

Sales can easily see how and when marketing is supporting their ground attack with a good air attack that helps generate leads for the sales team to pursue.

Beyond the ability to automate targeted campaigns, Salesforce is configured by The Fury Group to provide Marketing Managers an infrastructure to measure and manage the sales team’s follow-through with leads and prospects, monitor the status of customer invitations/meetings booked for trade shows and other company events, and gain market intelligence that allows them to develop campaigns to cause intended outcomes.

While IT need not be bothered to support the Sales Cloud function in a company, Systems Administrators do tend to be involved. Recognizing the holistic needs of the company, The Fury Group works closely with these individuals to ensure their perspectives and overarching organizational needs are considered and acted upon to the benefit of everyone.

While technically not a customer, we at The Fury Group have made it our policy to treat Salesforce representatives as our customer. Given that they are the first contact with the client, we support Salesforce reps with consulting to ensure their interactions with those new to Salesforce provide real value to the end-user from the very start. We invest our time to meet their prospective customers, dive deep into the business issues and opportunities and provide immediate recommendations on myriad ways to maximize the investment. We believe that supporting Salesforce reps at the onset of a new relationship ultimately supports the users in realizing all that is available through Salesforce.