Get the most from Salesforce: 
A quick guide for maintaining your Salesforce platform

Maintaining your org to be in great shape maximizes your investment in Salesforce. The following are nine areas to check to keep your CRM functioning as optimally as possible.

Security: This is an overall org security check and seeing its efficacy against outsiders. Tocheck your security level or “health check” you can go to Setup & Health Check and notice a Baseline score for your org. It’s broken down into High, Medium, and Low risk. Your Security Settings will show what areas the org is in line with security regulations and where it’s not. You can also see the value that the org has and what Salesforce recommends. Feel free to change your Security Settings one by one.

Administration: Refers to system requirements and customizations to the platform. Administration enables users to get the most out of Salesforce technology. A Salesforce Administrator can make sure your company is using the platform to its highest potential and functionality. They’ll help you set up customized alerts, dashboards, fields, and reports to make the sales cycle more efficient and track leads in greater detail.

User Interface: Give your users the best working experience you can by setting up the user interface to meet their needs. Manage what matters in Setup. Customize your user interface with a streamlined experience for viewing and managing administrative and personal setup tasks.

Reports and Dashboards: Visualize key business metrics in real-time using Lightning Experience. You’re able to see numbers, top sellers, highest revenue products or services, and quantities of products. You can create a dynamic visual display of data in your dashboard.

User Enablement: Support your Salesforce Users and equip them with the right education, as education is the foundation of sales. Communicate your training goals, develop a training plan, build your training library, and add learning as users work. Encourage your team and support users.

3rd Party Applications: Salesforce experience is improved when you integrate it with the apps you use on a daily basis. To increase your productivity, improve marketing and facilitate collaboration, connect Salesforce to other business tools you use.

System Integrations: To improve efficiency and elevate the customer experience among all the competition, integrate different systems for maximum speed. Doing so will scale your business and keep you afloat with a competitive edge.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement (formerly Pardot): Marketing Cloud Engagement helps marketers get more done, faster, by automating repetitive marketing tasks freeing up time for more strategic projects. Marketing Cloud Engagement also helps generate leads, track the customer journey, and measure ROI.

Salesforce Contract Review & Product Evaluation: Tasks like cleaning out unused fields on a heavily used custom object and performing routine maintenance are what we do. You may focus more on security aspects or check up on the overall spending and license usage.

Regardless, we’ve seen it all and we’re here to advocate for you.

Security is just one of nine areas The Fury Group will touch in our 91-Point Health Check. If your org scored “high” or “medium” risk on the health check, contact us! We can help with your security and with maximizing your company’s investment in Salesforce with a free consultation.