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CRM Tips

More often then not when we have too much information on a topic, it becomes difficult to narrow our focus. With as widespread as CRM’s have grown to over the years, it is critical to reflect on some of the best features we can draw out from experiences. Below you will find some of our best tips. We rotate these out, so keep checking back for new content and a fresh perspective.

If you are a business user of Salesforce, then some of these tips below may guide you in your thirst for knowledge.

  • Want to focus your sales teams attention? Conditional Formatting can offer you the ability to focus on metrics faster in heavy data reports. Using this feature when reports are updated, specific metrics will be highlighted on every update.
  • Stacked Summaries – offer reports a way to summarize information such as unit cost, list price, and quantities sold. This function allows dashboards to focus on this data to be displayed.

For Administrators, finding ideas to improve your Org is not out of reach.

  • Using Global Actions – can cut down on the number of clicks that your users are working through to create new actions. For instance, if you are grabbing leads over the phone, then using this function would allow users to capture the most relevant information right up front.
  • Capitalizing on Territories – Enabling Territory Management can enable territory formatted reporting along with multiple forecasts per user based on territory membership.
  • Create your Trailhead – Build your own learning experience for your team. With the Trailhead website, admins can create a custom trail mix and share it with members on Trailhead and your company.