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Marketing Cloud

Fill the Funnel

Fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. Be a social media maverick. We make you the hero.

Marketing used to be easy. Not so much anymore. To get your company where you want it to go – to be seen and heard above the noise – you need a solution that will help you manage every aspect of marketing, from pricing to promotion.

With Salesforce, we make it easier for you to take your marketing message to the market through multiple channels, from email to mobile to social media. And of course, with Marketing Cloud®, implementation and tracking are able to be done from any device, wherever you are, enabling you to optimize your ad campaigns at any time.

Marketing Cloud enables you to:

· Build and send promotional, transactional and triggered emails
· Personalize messages based on data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and other sources
· Utilize mobile-optimized email templates
· Reach customers with SMS, MMS, push messaging and group messaging
· Customize and automate mobile app activities
· Create webpage and landing pages with personalized content
· Leverage social media in your sales and marketing campaigns
· Trigger mobile and web messages based on real-time behavior

Working in B2B? Let us help you take your marketing to a new level with Pardot, the new B2B marketing automation solution from Salesforce. With Pardot, we can help you accelerate the sales cycle by enabling you to not only create highly personalized campaigns, but also by giving your sales team the intelligence they need to close deals faster.

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